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Purchase products while watching your favorite videos on™ through Multifunctional Hotspots. This software can be experienced on any computing or mobile platform.


The replacement of time-slot advertisements and the infamous Internet product search, on GOOGLE, is over. The new era of The Internet is knocking at your door, and The ClickVideoShop™Software(CVSSW™) is paving the way for interactive digital video, and the Holy Grail of the next generation in interactive consumer purchasing. According to Digital Sherpa, the Nation’s number one marketing solution, 64% of web users are likely to buy after watching a video.
Illuminate your surroundings with a high resolution LED backlight that requires no batteries.
Play video & audio by initiating the
smart controls.
Picture surfing The Internet, watching and reminiscing on Game 6 of The Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz play-off; with Chicago trailing by 3 points, Michael Jordan scores on a drive, strips the ball from Karl Malone, and buries the game-winning shot with 5.2 seconds left in the game.What if you had the opportunity to click on the Nike or Chicago Bulls logo, pause the video, and link to their respective websites, or click on Michael Jordan’s sneakers, and add it to your digital shopping cart, while caught in the awe of The Legend himself. Just a click away, programmable hotspots attached to objects in the video files will encapsulate users in the euphoria of the video moment. ClickVideoShopping™ will create the long sought after Buchanan Moment on The Internet. This seducible moment will entice consumers to purchase video objects, link to other videos, or connect to the manufacturer’s website. In the alternative, members can use CVSSW™ to add web-to-mobile applications, and cloud based technologies to programmable interactive video & audio hotspots, and to where they play.

In addition to the patented ClickVideoShop™(CVSSW™) Technology; Cool Tv™ provides to the entire mobile device and smartphone market, the platform independent, patented, Cascade Software™ Technology, which allows users to do three things at once. The company also presents to consumers the patented SS Mobile™ Smartphone, with a convenient ergonomic handle called The Ergo-Grip™, which uses Cascade Windows™ in a new GUI (Graphical User Interface) system, and applies ranking algorithms, and AI(Artificial Intelligence)to create the coolest technology of the future, that allows users to go back in the time and activate screen configurations used in the past & ranked high in importance by the user & the machine.

Companies like Facebook, utilizing CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons in their video ads; YouTube, utilizing their Annotations Technology to create clickable video; Ooyala, utilizing Buy Now buttons, and Click-To-Convert or Click-To-Purchase features in video; Kaltura, utilizing their online video platform, Samsung, utilizing their ShopTv App; Ebay, utilizing their Ebay App; VideoClix, utilizing their Interactive Content Manager; and Apple, utilizing their Linkmaker technology all see the direction towards interactive video on PC’s, mobile devices, & digital Tv’s, and they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to take advantage of the billion dollars interactive video market.

Meet the Founder

Mr. Wakefield has a Bachelor's Degree In Chemical Engineering and a minor in Business Administration from The University of Florida and is an avid inventor and the Inventor of The ClickVideoShop™ Software & Technology and The CVSSW Device™ (The SS Device™). He was the winner of The 1989 Congressional Art Competition and his artwork has hung in the corridor of The United States Capitol in Washington, D.C..

He is a lifetime member of The Golden Key International Honour Society and has received numerous fellowships including one from The American Cancer Society, and The Ronald E. McNair Fellowship Program. He has studied and contributed to the advancement in Cancer Research and NASA Space Technology. Mr. Wakefield has worked with companies like Dow Chemical Company, Kraft Food Company, and Cordis Corporation (a Johnson and Johnson Co.).

Mr. Wakefield has also programmed various control systems for entire commercial production plant facilities and has dedicated his time and efforts to developing and launching The ClickVideoShop™ Software, The SS Mobile™ Smartphone, The Cascade Software Technology &™ products.

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  • DEMO REEL™ will emerge as the materialization of an industry leader which embodies the future of the video production, delivery and distribution industry. With a never-ending enthusiasm for their global audio and video community, artists, promoters and users alike will fuel the creative tapestry known as™. The content and environment of™ will be shaped by the creativity of all of the participators. In this respect, traditional corporate policies will not be applicable; the power will remain in the hands of all of the creators. The vibrancy and excitement of the entertainment industry will create a culture that engages and entertains. The network will be an extension of the richness of each portal. It will be a canvas for a global community of users to decorate.
  • DEMO REEL™ will utilize its competitive advantages to become one of the most respected names in the entertainment industry and will effectively appeal to many different Internet user segments. Besides the audience of consumers,™ will offer significant benefits to corporate clients. Capturing this important segment of users will allow COOLTvNetwork™ to evolve into a centralized resource for entertainment, marketing, retailing, research, and artist interaction.
  • DEMO REEL's long-term vision will be encapsulated in being pioneers of net-interactivity, entertainment, CLICKVideoShopping™, & becoming the industry leader for audio- and video- entertainment needs. Our company has positioned itself to transcend these basic corporate strategies across various entertainment categories (Sports, Music, Entertaining Commercials, & Cartoons/Videogames). Our corporate formula is equal to entertainment channels under the COOLTvNetwork™. Each exemplifying cutting-edge technology, net-interactivity, customizable entertainment, & CLICKVideoShopping™.



  • Bridge Connections to Digital TV’s
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Gaming units



It is the intention of COOLTVNETWORK.COM™, INC. to distribute various levels of the ClickVideoShop™ Software (CVSSW™) to the masses by having a free version, within APP/Software capabilities of purchasing programmable hotspots, a consumer version, a small business version, and an enterprise version (with back-end data research and analytics). The software generates revenues from: monthly membership fees, hotspot purchases with a convenience fee per transaction; for purchases from hotspot products, access to back-end data research & analytics fees, and cost-per-click/cost-per-rollover fees for small business and enterprise clients.

The free version of the software will create a viral effect of the distribution of the software, and a social media campaign will be created to initiate the initial introduction of the product into the market.

The Cascade Software™ and The SS Mobile™ Smartphone will be licensed to existing technology and electronics companies to generate substantial revenues quickly and to avoid upstart manufacturing barriers to entry.