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About Us

Our cutting edge business plan™ will use the convergence of audio, video, and retailing to engage consumers psychologically on a more profound level than most websites. The company will create, for the consumer, an eCOOL!™ Internet City, which will be a virtual entertainment & retailing toy-box filled with an exhaustive repertoire of audio and interactive video.


The site's diverse and comprehensive archive of entertainment options, from music to sports, will create the "stickiest" virtual entertainment site on the Internet. Just a click away, Multifunctional Hotspots™ attached to objects in the video files will encapsulate users in the euphoria of the video moment. ClickVideoShopping™ will create the long sought after Buchanan moment on the Internet. This seducible moment will entice consumers to purchase video objects, link to other videos, or connect to the manufacturer's website. With the attraction of superior proprietary technology, traditional local marketing, customized consumer specific target marketing, and expanding/promoting according to the particular tastes of our users,™ will develop a trusted, quality, and personalized entertainment source, for a worldwide audience.™ will evolve into the Internet's first ClickVideoBay™ filled with fully interactive entertainment ClickVideoShops™. The network will become a personalized kaleidoscope of its customers' favorite blend of the old with the new. An archive of video content will hark of the days when your favorite athlete captured your imagination, when your favorite performer inspired your creativity, or when you first heard the catchy slogan that became the buzz of your generation. Interaction with cutting-edge artists, memorable live entertainment events, and local involvement such as music videos and homemade commercials will also populate™.™ will be a site the whole family can enjoy. While adults enjoy music and sports and other video entertainment, the next generation of Cool Kids will begin with cartoons on the CoolCartoons™ Network at Customers will enjoy the value-added aspects of technology appeal, input recognition, and personalized attention. They will experience a proverbial cyberspace playground, featuring provocative and eclectic content in a friendly environment.

Mission Statement

The Software Technology ClickVideoShop™ will be used to increase revenues exponentially by providing spontaneous purchases and immersive entertainment. The ClickVideoShop™ Software (CVSSW™) uses an audio/video (digital audio, animation, video game, or digital video) source as a conduit to provide on demand access to secondary and related information. It is designed so that it can be experienced on any computing or mobile platform. The Software Invention and Technology uses a mode control bar in conjunction with Multi-functional Hot Spots™; regions or time-frames in the audio, video, animation, or game playback area delineated by audible cues, visual outlines, shading, and/or illumination as visual or audible cues to alert the user that clicking (initiating) within the Multi-functional Hot Spot™ or time interval gives them access to additional information or functionalities like shopping, bidding, and multicast conferencing and communication in a secure and private transmission and session.